Name’s Lautaro Dragan, and I’m a computer programmer. I started out when I was about 13, and taught myself how to program until I was 17, then I started working. Now-a-days, I work as a Java Developer for Electronic Arts, as a contractor at Globant.

I’m also an entrepreneur: I’m developing an online video game, which should see the light quite soon. This is not my first project, I have had several since I was 15, the most ambitious one being an massive multiplayer online RPG in Java, which to my dismay, had to be shelved. I will take that one on in the future, maybe build it from scratch (once again) using note.js and html canvas insteand of Java and an Applet for the client.

In my free time I like playing psychedelic/progressive rock on the piano or going out dancing to dubstep. I’m a big fan of music in general, and love Pink Floyd and The Doors. I also write short stories and poems from time to time.

I hope you find the blog useful and enjoyable :)


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