Build Failure

Allright allright, stop it! Geez, it was compilers back in the days, and now it’s Maven that’s yelling at me.

Anyhow, welcome to Build Failure! I’ll be talking about software development in general in this blog, and also provide some tutorials, code examples, etc. Lets all enjoy ourselves as we learn new stuff!

Oh, me? I’m just a programmer. I started out when I was about 13, and taught myself how to program until I was 17, then I started working. Now-a-days, I work days as a Java Developer for Electronic Arts, working as a contractor at Globant; nights as an entrepreneur developing an online game in PHP, and enjoy my free time playing the piano or going out dancing to dubstep. I also write short stories and poems from time to time.

That’s about it, next time I’ll be explaining how to program and configure a basic mailing list  with php and mySql; and also teaching some basic email marketing stuff, that I believe is important to know if you are going to be sending emails.


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